Free Design & Estimate

We provide our professional in-home design and estimate consultation at no cost or obligation. When we visit your home an experienced design consultant will provide the following services:

During The Home Visit

Approximate Time Required: 1 Hour

  • Measurement of kitchen or bath space.
  • Discuss design concepts, cabinet and countertop styles and review your options.
  • Review your dream kitchen/bath wish list. You can prepare this from information you gather from websites, magazines or your own imagination!
  • Schedule a follow-up visit.
After The Home Visit

We Will Provide You With The Following

  • Realistic 3D coloured renderings of your new kitchen or bath.
  • click to view larger image
  • A Detailed Quote Valid For 30 Days

We are confident that you will find our pricing, service model and products will exceed your expectations and we look forward to adding you to our long list of thrilled customers!